Welcome to AXI Digital Marketing!

I’m Anthony Hidalgo, the founder and owner of this recently new consulting company. Like many others out there, I spent the majority of my career working late hours, occasional weekends, and commuting 2+ hours to help companies make money. Or, let’s be honest, to make stockholders happy.

With an active lifestyle (love competing in triathlons and riding my bike), two very energetic boys, a baby girl, tons of involvement in my boys’ competitive soccer program (Assistant Coach AND Board Member of the Club), and a corporate-driven wife who travels non-stop, I had to find an alternate solution.

Thanks to my recently born baby girl, AXI Digital Marketing was born (she’s the “I” in AXI).

With 19+ years of experience in the digital marketing space, I’m here to help YOUR business take a step into the digital age. My core experience lies within the email channel but I’ve helped many large companies (and small business owners) build digital programs from scratch. Whether you’re looking for support in a specific area or need a full-blown digital integration, give me a shout.

I look forward to our new partnership!

— Anthony Hidalgo | anthony@axidigitalmarketing.com | 415.418.4905

(Yes, I am on LinkedIn if you’d like to see my profile and experience)